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Why Are CTV Ad Rates So High?

With much of the ad spend previously earmarked for the lost linear viewing time now looking for a new, premium video home, we have a classic situation of lots of money chasing a relatively small amount of CTV ad inventory....

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WTF is Ad-ID?

Among them is managing the ads that are running across TV networks, streaming services, connected TV and digital video platforms and publishers. That appears to be changing, though, as ad buyers and sellers grapple with managing...

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A Prescription for Vigilance Against CTV Ad Fraud

The bad guys have active connections to purchase inventory from DSPs as well as active accounts as supply providers with SSPs. Using DSPs, they identify cheap traffic sources such as in-app display or interstitials and funnel it into an SSP, disguising it as pre-roll in-stream video. This allows them to flip it at a CPM that is 5x the price paid. 

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How Does UID 2.0 Actually Work?

Tech Lab’s VP of privacy and data protection Alex Cone says instead it is one of a portfolio of solutions which together will govern addressability and measurement in the post-cookie world. This means advertisers and publishers...

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