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HESP Alliance Welcomes Ceeblue as New Member

Ceeblue will be able to implement high efficiency streaming workflows in its solutions, to provide for scalable sub-second latency live streaming and fast zapping to media companies through the High-Efficiency Streaming Protocol...

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A Triumphant Return to IBC

IBC made a welcome return to Amsterdam following a two-year absence, and we caught up with our CEO and co-founder, Stefan Lederer, to discuss how he found the show, the big trends he saw and what comes next! Innovation in video...

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A Closer Look At Low Latency Delivery

Smaller network packets and video segments amount to more overhead and less bandwidth but will reduce latency, while larger segments increase the overall bandwidth and efficiency at the cost of a real-time experience. Latency —...

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AdExplainer: Data Clean Rooms

The major walled gardens seized on clean room tech as a way to continue targeting and attributing campaigns based on first-party data, but without exposing user-level data to vendors or advertisers. Using the Disney clean room...

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