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Top KPIs for OTT UX Design

Solan Strickling, Senior Director of Streaming, Hartbeat, says that they look at UX KPIs in two different ways: the number of unique visitors and the level of retention. “What we’re thinking of from a KPI standpoint is how...

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2023 OM SDK Compliance Update

In 2022 we celebrated an additional 20 new certified integration partners for Mobile App and 10 for Web Video bringing our total to now over 120 certified integrations! For this reason, we have expanded our OM SDK compliance...

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What is Cellular Bonding?

In the absence of widespread high-bandwidth 5G availability, one technology that has been with us for several years remains the most reliable solution for getting your streams to the cloud when Wi-Fi and wired connections are...

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HESP Ready Security with EZDRM

As fully described in the latest HESP technical white paper [ link here ], HESP incrementally builds on existing ABR standards for format and delivery to offer the Quality of Experience viewers are looking for, including...

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Prime Video Uses WebAssembly

In the figure above, the stuff on device is a thin C++ layer that includes a JavaScript virtual machine (VM) and the components required to run the Prime Video application, which handle input, the media pipeline, and such...

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VP9 and VP8 Codecs, Open Sources

Check that MSYS2 contains gcc, make, nasm and diffutils, merely type ‘ gcc ‘ and if ‘command not found’ appears then ‘ gcc ‘ is not installed. ‘ cd /c/Tools/vpx ‘) and type the following command to create make-files...

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