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Wieser: Streaming Price Hikes May Be Working Against Pay TV

Streaming services saw a 20.7% increase in consumer spending, leading to $1.6 billion net gain. Pay-TV spending declined 6%, creating market opportunity for streaming giants such as Netflix, Amazon and Apple. Despite the surge in revenue, profitability may suffer under greater costs and customer service needs than traditional pay-TV. Global expansion is necessary to sustain long-term success.

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AVOD and FAST Take the Lead: Navigating the New Era of Advertising

Ad-supported streaming services are becoming more popular, offering cheaper and targeted content to consumers. Services like Netflix and Disney are introducing ad-supported subscriptions, alongside advancements in ad-tech to ensure ads are seen, generating more revenue from dual models. Apple is also potentially exploring an advertising product for its service. Interactive T-Commerce ads offer additional income potential.

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LG Extends Webos to Smart Monitors

LG Electronics has launched smart monitors with webOS, providing users a customizable experience and access to online streaming services. The platform includes a smart home dashboard, supports Apple Home and AirPlay, and features over 300 brands.

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Evan Shapiro Separates Fact From Fiction in the M&e Third Quarter Earnings Reports

Evan Shapiro reveals that the “big three” (Apple, Amazon, Google) dominate the digital space due to their multiple sources of revenue such as advertisements and services. Apple will focus on services such as App Store & Ads, while Google is facing an AI bubble. Meta recovered from losses with a strong Q3, showing a rebounding ad economy. Smaller players are struggling to compete against the big three’s controlling 59% of US ad spending.

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