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Seamlessly Streaming SRT Content in Web Browsers

We achieved seamless union of SRT streaming and web browser playback, overcoming tool compatibility, codec support & cross-platform compatibility issues. Our Docker images enable efficient integration of SRT streaming into browsers for audio/video playback, unlocking real-time interactions and unmatched device compatibility.

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Adobe, YouTube, and Twitch to Enhance RTMP with Not-For-Profit Veovera Software Leading the Initiative

Veovera Software is modernizing RTMP, a protocol widely used in streaming to enhance it with the latest video and audio codecs. The goal is to update the specification to maintain compatibility while ensuring lower latency and better quality of content. This initiative has been backed by members of the organization such as Adobe, YouTube, and Twitch.

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Preview an SRT Stream in a Standard Browser with WHEP and WebRTC

The Secure Reliable Transport protocol (SRT) is an industry standard for point to point media transport over Internet. This year YouTube announced that they are joining the SRT Alliance so we would expect they will provide support for SRT as ingest transport protocol in addition to RTMP quite soon. The open source video production software OBS that is very popular among streamers now also supports SRT as the output transport protocol. SRT protocol is an extension to the User Datagram Protocol (UDP) and thus not possible to use directly in a standard web browser. One of the options for streaming video to a browser in real-time latency is to use WebRTC. A set of standard that the majority of web browsers support today. However, until recently a standard protocol for consuming media using WebRTC has been missing and with the IETF initiative of WebRTC HTTP Egress Protocol (WHEP) that gap will be filled. Should be noted though that this is in an early draft and the protocol details are s…

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