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Addressing the Cold Start Problem in Recommender Systems

Iason Chaimalas worked with BBC to design a machine learning algorithm for Cold Start users that is both accurate and diverse. The method, called Bootstrapped Personalised Popularity (B2P), uses item metadata and popularity forecasting to increase accuracy and diversity, outperforming existing, highly performant models on severely cold datasets.

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BBC iPlayer Represents 15% of BBC Viewing

Streaming requests to the BBC iPlayer have increased 11% year-on-year, accounting for 15% of total BBC television viewing. Comedy and drama are more popular on iPlayer than news and sport, particularly among 16-34s, but their viewing of BBC television overall has decreased. 13.4 million active accounts were present in the last year, with 70% of iPlayer viewing taking place via a television. Total streaming time averaged at 50.4 million hours per week.

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