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Multi-CDN Best Practices for Optimizing Performance and Reducing Latency

When streaming at scale to multiple audiences, a multi-CDN strategy is essential for reliable and high-performance delivery. Officials must understand multi-CDN decisioning and traffic-shaping to optimize performance and minimize latency. Solutions like Cedexis, NS1 and Citrix are used to aggregate performance beacons in order to stack rank CDN performance at the country, state and ASN level.

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Challenges of Multi-CDN

Short answer – its difficult to manage, maintain and operate + customers love Akamai In such cases, while implementing a multi-cdn approach, one has to adhere to an option of manually maintaining copies as one can not...

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Akamai Adds Live Streaming Features Ahead of Anticipated Viewership Surge

Akamai has announced a set of new live streaming features for its platform in anticipation of a viewership surge in late 2020 and into 2021. Akamai forecasts that a single event could have 50 million concurrent streamers, approximately double what events have seen in the past. The company cited the Summer Olympics which have been pushed to 2021 and UEFA EURO as sporting events expected to drive[…]

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