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Wieser: Streaming Price Hikes May Be Working Against Pay TV

Streaming services saw a 20.7% increase in consumer spending, leading to $1.6 billion net gain. Pay-TV spending declined 6%, creating market opportunity for streaming giants such as Netflix, Amazon and Apple. Despite the surge in revenue, profitability may suffer under greater costs and customer service needs than traditional pay-TV. Global expansion is necessary to sustain long-term success.

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Dynamic Pricing on Sports OTT: Maximizing Revenue through Personalization and Effective Monetization Strategies

Sports organizations can maximize profits and better engage with fans by using dynamic pricing in their OTT platforms. This includes tailoring prices to user engagement, demand, and loyalty, as well as tiered subscriptions, in-app purchases, pay-per-view, and advertising partnerships. Win-win solutions benefit both the organization and the fan.

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A New Warning Sign for Pay TV Erosion

By 2024, global pay TV penetration is predicted to decline for the first time due to streaming services and expensive US bundles. Other regions like Asia-Pacific and Europe are growing, but by 2025 all areas will be affected, with North America already halving its peak of 84%. Cable companies may use custom bundles, such as Disney/Charter’s, to slow the loss of subscribers.

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DTVE Data Weekly: Pay TV Vs Online Video Subscriptions

Pay-TV subscriptions are declining, with 1.07bn predicted to drop to 1.01bn by 2028. Meanwhile, online video subscriptions are increasing,, reaching 2.16bn by the same time. To cope with high prices, ad-supported online revenue is projected to grow by 73% to $305bn in 2028. ARPU for online video is slowing due to churning, but this could shift to online video’s favor before 2030.

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Liberty Global’s Fries: ‘Grinding’ European Telecoms Industry Needs Consolidation

Liberty Global is making strategic investments in edge computing and planning up to $1 billion of disposals in 2020, while simplifying their equity story and taking the company private. VMO2 is increasing prices and Sunrise/UPC are merging in Switzerland. DOCSIS 4.0 upgrades may be implemented in the Netherlands. Liberty will look at how to value its operating companies and allocate capital effectively.

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