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Q3 National TV, Video Ads Sink 3.2%: Madison and Wall

U.S. linear TV ad spend was $61.31 billion while CTV/digital advertising saw an 11.6% increase to a total of $25.09 billion in Q3 this year. Political ad spend grew 2.5% compared to four years ago, with a major spike expected during even numbered years due to elections. Traditional sellers saw a 5.6% decline and national TV/video advertising experienced a 3.2% drop, while local TV ad spend declined 2.8%.

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Hispanics Lean into New Video Experiences, Including AR/VR, Second Screen, Shoppable TV

Hispanic consumers have increased interest in video streaming, AR/VR, second-screen activities, shoppable TV and interactive content. Second-screen platforms such as Arena offer engagement and viewership. Shoppable TV appeals to Hispanics, but security concerns remain. 25% of Hispanics are interested in interactive content, rising to 33% for those with children.

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