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Ad Spend Wasted on Invalid Traffic Could Reach $72B in 2024

Invalid traffic (IVT) is estimated to cost $72B globally by 2024, rising 33% from 2022. North America has the lowest rate (7.5%), while LinkedIn the highest (24.6%), projected to be $1.43B wasted in 2024. Industry and company size affect IVT rate; insurance, retail and larger companies have the most. To reduce ad spend waste, brands should diversify media mix & utilize strategies to mitigate IVT.

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Nielsen: Sports Help Broadcast Get Bigger Share of Viewing in October

Viewing of broadcast and cable networks increased in October due to higher sports viewership. Cable rose 0.9% with a 19% increase in sports, and 17% in news. Streaming was down 0.6%, with a 5.6% decrease in Netflix usage. NFL, World Series, and Suits were the top programs while streaming services such as YouTube, Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, and Disney+ saw no change from Sept.

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